Toronix is unique in that we have incorporated the best processes and technologies within the software engineering community that will produce the lowest total cost of ownership and highest quality - We take strong consideration of the total life of the product. Our services incorporate software automation tools and methodologies that produce a sustainable solution and allows effective operation and maintenance by either the client or our staff. All this works to give you a competitive advantage.


All of our developed custom software products are created to the highest standards in the industry. Toronix closely follows the highly regarded Capacity Maturity Model (CMM) developed by SEI at Carnegie Mellon University which arguably supersedes any of the ISO9000 standards. We exclusively develop on IBM platforms and Windows and use a set of tools that automate the development and eventual support and maintenance of the delivered product. Our goal is to reduce the total life cycle costs of the delivered software and support contracts to zero. Toronix's principles of software engineering shown in the table below center around an architectural, iterative and quality approach.