Toronix's customer has primary operations in North America. Customers also have heavy user requirements, likely demanding access 24 x 7 x 365. A critical characteristic is that they see IT as strategic to their competitive advantage and use it in an attempt to lead their industry. They purchase based on quality and fast service. We primarily aligns with customers that are willing to engineer their software applications with the IBM WebSphere family line of products.

Toronix works with customers from banking and financial industry to link their people, processes, and technologies to realize their business strategies. Most recently, Toronix has helped companies in the financial industry principally because the financial markets tend to deploy advanced technology more rapidly with the goal of gaining competitive advantages.



"Thanks again for Toronix's contribution to the ISIS project. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work with Toronix and your staff, and I think we have benefited greatly from Toronix's work and I have learned a lot as well. It is rare to find a company that can function so well at a high level in an organization and then dive right down and be just as effective dealing with the technical details".

Matt Yethon, Senior Project Manager
Ford Canada



"I wanted to thank Toronix for all of the efforts these past two weeks. I was quite impressed with the company's skills and your patience with PHCS. I have received various comments describing how people enjoyed working with Toronix and how the company's expertise helped them look at doing things differently. I am looking forward to seeing Toronix's final recommendations document and hopefully some of the recommendations will be adopted. It was a pleasure working with Toronix. I'd certainly say we got our monies worth".



Scott O'Brien, Manager Systems Administration
Private Health Care