Project Management

Early, Mid or Late Cycle Entry


Throughout the course of a development effort, various skills are required to provide momentum in obtaining closure within a project phase including requirements, design, construction, verification and delivery. At times, extra effort and direction is required to get the product on track to closure. Toronix is positioned to provide the guidance to get the project on track. Early entry may be required for direction on requirements or to assist throughout the life cycle. At the other end is late entry. Late entry may be required because of risks that were not initially anticipated. Risks due to technology, process, people and product need to be addressed but cannot be fully anticipated in such a highly volatile software industry.

Our Project Management Strategy


Toronix uses the very best project management practices based on the advanced project management process taught by Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Stanford's process is built on the PMI's (Project Management Institutes) process to include portfolios, programs and projects. The 3P's, portfolios, programs and projects are needed to get business strategy into operations and are shown in the figure below. Organizations almost always have limited resources and must prioritize. This is where the highest level of the organization is involved to define the portfolio and the priority of programs and projects. Programs are created to manage large complex projects that may span divisions or departments and address the issue of interdependencies between projects. Lastly, the work is done through projects.


Key Benefits

  • Flexibility - use Toronix's resources for the duration that is appropriate for the project.

  • Key Knowledge Resource - development expertise available for critical points in the project.

  • Reduced cost - use resources when it's appropriate to your needs.